Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Will the ISM now protest/harrass PA Police?

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May 6, 2008 13:28 Updated May 6, 2008 14:28
Kabatiya man hurt as PA police attackedBy

Palestinian Authority policemen that began deploying in the Jenin area Saturday haven't all been greeted with roses and champagne.

On Tuesday, an unarmed 21-year-old Palestinian man was seriously wounded in Kabatiya when gunmen fired at the PA security forces that were deploying in the village located south of Jenin.
Officials say the man is now on life support at a hospital.
The PA forces set up roadblocks in their search for the assailants.
The PA police commander in the Jenin district, Suleiman Imran, told Israel Radio that when the new police forces entered the village they were also pelted with stones.
Medics say police later shot two stone-throwers in the legs.
Where's the protest, the "natural reaction", the rage? The police shot "children of the stones" as Arafat called them. It's the big bad police against the poor defenseless children throwing stones.

My guess is this is going to be another ho-hum story of Arab on Arab violence and nobody will really care. Because only when there's Jew on Arab violence is it really a newsworthy story.

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