Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oompa loompa...

Palestinian female police officers direct traffic in the streets, as a male colleague helps out, in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2007. Palestinian pedestrians gawked at the unusual sight of women directing chaotic Ramallah traffic on Wednesday, the first batch of women to venture into a job traditionally reserved for Palestinian men in the West Bank.(AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Is America aiding terrorists?

Sat Dec 8, 8:34 AM ET
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - An Israeli minister on Saturday rebuffed criticism by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice of Israel's plan to build new homes on occupied land in the Jerusalem area, saying nothing should prevent the project.
Rice, who masterminded last week's Annapolis conference to press for an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord before the Bush administration leaves office, on Friday criticized the planned construction, saying it "doesn't help to build confidence."

Where are the public censures by Condi Rice concerning Abbas's aiding and promoting terrorism? The official PLA media outlets continue to air programs that teach and incite hatred as noted by Palestinian Media Watch.

In the holy Road Map the Arabs were supposed to stop terrorism as described below:

"In Phase I, the Palestinians immediately undertake an unconditional cessation of violence according to the steps outlined below; "....

"At the outset of Phase I:
Palestinian leadership issues unequivocal statement reiterating Israel’s right to exist in peace and security and calling for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire to end armed activity and all acts of violence against Israelis anywhere. All official [I guess unofficial Palestinian institution can can terrorism] Palestinian institutions end incitement against Israel. "

Just recently the PA via the official Al Aksa Martyrs murdered an Israeli citizen, Ido Zoldan. Dr. Condi Rice was very quiet about that as was Olmert. Did the murder of an innocent man "help build confidence"? As noted on Daled Amos, Abbas the President of the PA continues to allow the Al Aksa Brigades, which are Foriegn Terrorist Organizations as declared by the US Department of State, to operate and not be dismantled. Then they go and give Abbas more ammunition. In addition they supply Abbas with armored personnel carriers, US dollars and military training. So is the US by dint of this aiding terrorists?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A misleading caption

A sick Palestinian baby lies at the European hospital in the Gaza Strip December 2, 2007. Palestinians suffering serious illnesses have long travelled from Gaza to nearby Israeli hospitals for treatments unavailable at facilities in the territory, which is home to 1.5 million people and was occupied by Israel for 38 years until 2005. However Israel has tightened border restrictions since Hamas Islamists seized control of the coastal enclave in June. It also prevents access to Gaza by sea or air and has ensured a border crossing into Egypt is mostly shut -- so hundreds cannot get the care that could save lives. REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

Another way to slam Israel. The caption does not mention that this baby or any other baby is sick and Israel tightening the borders (Because the Arabs continually try to smuggle bombs across the border and have used ambulances to transport suicide bombers and bombs) and a specific baby or person is dieing. The caption just speaks in generalizations.

This article and all the similar pictures should appear in the Arab newspapers and the Arabs should have demonstrations in the streets protesting Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc. because liability lies with them. If they'd stop the kassams and the suicide bombers then I'm more than confident Israel would make a security-based decision and loosen the borders.

Malek, a two-and-a-half year old Palestinian girl from the West Bank village of Bidiya, undergoes heart surgery at an Israeli hospital in Holon, near Tel Aviv, October 21, 2007. Palestinians suffering serious illnesses have long traveled from Gaza to nearby Israeli hospitals for treatments unavailable at facilities in the territory, which is home to 1.5 million people and was occupied by Israel for 38 years until 2005. However Israel has tightened border restrictions since Hamas Islamists seized control of the coastal enclave in June. REUTERS/Yonathan Weitzman

This picture and caption is not propaganda.

Monday, December 3, 2007

You devil

RNPS PICTURES OF THE YEAR 2007 - Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh looks in a mirror after he had his head shaven during the Haj pilgrimage in Mena, near Mecca January 1, 2007. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem (SAUDI ARABIA)

"Those virgins are going to love me in Paradise, you devil."

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cheap road trip

Outing was just a cheap trip, lawyer says
By KEVIN GRAHAM, Times Staff WriterPublished December 1, 2007
TAMPA - Two road-tripping college kids on a budget.
That's how a federal public defender characterizes Youssef Megahed and Ahmed Mohamed, the suspended University of South Florida students facing federal explosives charges after a deputy stopped them in South Carolina for speeding.
In a pleading filed Friday, Megahed's attorney, Adam Allen, said Mohamed and Megahed were headed to Sunset Beach, N.C., the cheapest way possible.
They bought a global positioning system at Wal-Mart in Ocala, he wrote, so that they could find the cheapest gas prices at Wal-Marts and Murphy Gas Stations along the way.
When a deputy stopped the pair near a naval base on Aug. 4, Mohamed, 26, volunteered that he had "fireworks" and fuses in the car, Allen wrote, but Megahed, 21, didn't know about them.
According to the pleading, Mohamed, who had been in the United States only six months, became fascinated with fireworks before July 4, when he learned they were widely available. But after visiting several fireworks stands, he decided they were too expensive.
So, he turned to YouTube for instructions on how to make "sugar rockets" with stump remover, sugar and cat litter. Mohamed brought the fireworks on the beach road trip with his buddy in hopes he could find an open field to try shooting them off again, Allen wrote.

I guess Hamas are no longer terrorists

Published: Nov. 30, 2007 at 1:10 PM
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JERUSALEM, Nov. 30 (UPI) -- A Palestinian official says the ruling Fatah party would join forces with rival Hamas if Israel invades the Gaza Strip."Fatah won't remain idle in the face of an Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip," the official said. "We will definitely fight together with Hamas against the Israeli army. It's our duty to defend our people against the occupiers."

On Wednesday, June 20, 2007, the President of the Palestinian Authority which controls Fatah said, “There is no dialogue with those murderous terrorists,” Abbas said, accusing them [Hamas] of attempting a coup. Today they are willing to fight side by side. I guess Hamas is no longer on the PA terrorism list.

Friday, November 30, 2007

The Miami 2

Judge: Students facing explosives charges will be tried together
Posted on Thu, Nov. 29, 2007
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Associated Press Writer
TAMPA, Fla. -- Two Egyptian college students facing federal explosives charges will be tried together, a judge ruled Thursday.
One of the defendants, Youssef Samir Megahed, asked U.S. District Judge Steven Merryday to sever the cases earlier this month. Merryday denied that motion without comment in a written order Thursday.
Megahed and fellow University of South Florida student Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed were stopped by police for speeding near Charleston, S.C., on Aug. 4. Officers said they found materials to build explosives in the trunk of the car.
Both were indicted on charges of transporting explosive materials.

Protesting and Chanting Slogans

Angry Sudanese protesters burn a newspaper carrying a photo of British teacher Gillian Gibbons, during a protest in Khartoum, Sudan, after Friday prayers, Friday Nov. 30, 2007, The protestors called for the execution of Gibbons, who was convicted of insulting Islam for letting her students name a teddy bear Muhammad. (AP Photos/Abd Raouf)

Surely "burn" is too harsh a word. I'm sure they're only "protesting" and "chanting slogans".

Here are some more interesting pics on the same topic.

Olmert - ever the perfectionist

Rory McCarthy in JerusalemFriday November 30, 2007The Guardian
Israel's prime minister issued a rare warning yesterday that his nation risked being compared to apartheid-era South Africa if it failed to agree an independent state for the Palestinians. In an interview with the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz, Ehud Olmert said Israel was "finished" if it forced the Palestinians into a struggle for equal rights.
If the two-state solution collapsed, he said, Israel would "face a South African-style struggle for equal voting rights, and as soon as that happens, the state of Israel is finished". Israel's supporters abroad would quickly turn against such a state, he said.

Just when Olmert seems to have outdone himself, he just ups the ante and outdoes himself even more.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas checks his watch during the Israel-Palestinian Peace Conference with President Bush and Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, November 27, 2007. (Jim Young/Reuters)

"Jeez, I'm here 10 minutes already and when is Olmert going to hand over the keys to all of Israel!"

What's wrong with this picture?

Is that Hebrew on the the amunition box that the IJ terrororist is leanining on?

An Islamic Jihad militant takes part in a training exercise in the Gaza Strip November 29, 2007. U.S. President George W. Bush hosted a Middle East conference with Israelis and Palestinians in Annapolis, Maryland, on November 27 at which it was agreed to launch peace talks immediately with the goal of reaching a final accord by the end of 2008. REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa (GAZA)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Daled Amos: YouTube: Palestinian Arabs Reaction To Annapolis#links

Daled Amos: YouTube: Palestinian Arabs Reaction To Annapolis#links

Israeli Arabs: Abbas lacks mandate to make concessionsPoll conducted by Arab Center for Practical Social Research finds that the majority of Israeli Arabs distrust Palestinian negotiators to settle on core issues in peace talks with Israel; 65.6% of respondents state that negotiators lack the authority to recognize Israel as a sovereign state; staggering 81% of Israeli Arabs say negotiators cannot concede the rights to Jerusalem Roee Mandel Published: 11.28.07, 21:48 / Israel News

I just thought the comment by Daled Amos compliments this article in Ynet. Basically, Condi Rice is so hopelessly wrong on Israel and the Arabs.

Iz Shver Tzu'zayn a Terrorist

The Washinton Times
BRIEFING: For militants, Gaza violence a way of life
By Paul Martin
Next stop was a back-street gathering with other members of the group, as children milled around, admiring their heroes. Inside a safe house, Mohammed, a 23-year-old computer specialist, was using Google Earth to locate the target on the Israeli side of the fence. In good English — he went to college — Mohammed complained that these days, the maps are deliberately made inaccurate to foil rocketeering precision.
Lighting a long, white fuse, they prepared to beat a hasty retreat.
But their three rocket missiles failed to fire.
"It's the detonators," explained Haroon disconsolately. "We are really short of decent equipment these days."
Speaking in the voice of the terrorist: It ain't easy being a terrorist these days. The revolution has let us down. You really have to work hard these days to kill innocent men, women and children. Let's face it between Google Earth and those lousy detonators, the job is sooo difficult. In fact, I bet it's those Jews fault that we have to work so hard to kill them.

Hey Mohammed and Haroon here's a tip. You're right the job of killing innocent men women and children is too difficult. Just give up your job.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Arab wall of separation

The Arab world continues to build a wall of separation between it and Israel.

Athlete stripped of Bahraini citizenship for competing in Israeli marathon Runner Mushir Salem Jawher stripped of Bahraini citizenship after competing in and winning Israeli marathon. Bahraini Athletic Union receives news of competition with 'shock and regret'

Associated Press
Published: 01.06.07, 22:03
Authorities have revoked the Bahraini citizenship of a Kenyan-born athlete who ran in an Israeli marathon, the nation's athletic union said Saturday.

If it walks, talks and acts like...

Daled Amos quotes a Ynet report that Israel is holding the PA responsible for terrorism. Basically, the Government wants to pass legislation that since the PA is not doing anything to stop the kassam rockets fired from Gaza then the PA is responsible for the loss of life and property damage caused by the kassam rockets.

So if the PA walks like a terrorist organization, talks like a terrorist organization and acts like a terrorist organization then why is Israel not combatting terrorism and neutralizing the terrorist organization - the PA?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

About that Gaza humanitarian crisis....

About that Gaza humanitarian crisis....

From Ma'an (Arabic):
The commander of the [Fatah-based] Ahmed Abu Rish Martyr Brigades yesterday claimed responsibility for the bombing of the Sufa three military-type missiles Amr 2.The battalions in a press release wrote: "This operation came in a series Covenant and fulfill the spirit of the martyr leader Yasser Arafat, the symbol, stressing adherence to the approach of resistance as a strategic choice".

There are multiple daily bombing and rocket attacks attacks against crossings between Gaza and Israel, so this would hardly be noteworthy if it wasn't for this:

Israel will allow the opening of the Sufa crossing for the passage of agricultural produce, beginning with strawberries and flowers and then expanding to include other produce, [Agriculture Minister Shalom] Simchon told Israel Radio.For the first time in weeks, the crossing was opened Tuesday for two hours to allow the passage into the Gaza Strip of 200 calves, the radio said.

In short, Alice in Wonderland exists. Hamas and the general Arab world invert logic and any scintilla of humanitarianism to further their goals.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Olmert should hang his head in shame

Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert attends a memorial ceremony for Israel's first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, in Sde Boker, southern Israel November 18, 2007. The United States is pressing Israel to go beyond a planned partial settlement freeze and to raise the number of Palestinian prisoners to be freed before a peace conference, Israeli and Western officials said on Sunday. REUTERS/Gil Cohen Magen (ISRAEL)

Olmert should continue to hang his head in shame. How ironic that the man who wants to willingly hand over Israel is standing and addressing a crowd at a memorial for Ben-Gurion. See how Ben-Gurion is quoted on Israpundit saying that no one has the right to give away any part of Israel. Yet Olmert speaks and continues to give away Israel.

Learn, Pray and Write

US pushes Israel on West Bank settlers
By JOSEF FEDERMAN, Associated Press Writer Sun Nov 18, 5:41 PM ET
JERUSALEM - The U.S. is pressuring Israel to meet a long-standing obligation to freeze all West Bank settlement construction ahead of a high-profile Mideast conference, rejecting Israel's stance that it be allowed to continue building in existing communities, Israeli officials said Sunday.

Learn and pray for the Jewish People, Jerusalem and Israel.

It's also time to join the letter writing campaign. The peoples' opinion does matter. The OU Institute for Public Affairs has created a very good website about Yerushalayim. I highly recommend that you read it. There are no real chidushim but it certainly re enforces much of what we already know. Reading the articles lessens the distance between the heart and the brain.

In addition there's a page of email and snail mail addresses along with fax numbers of all the people that need to be contacted in the US and Israeli government. I highly recommend respectful and appropriate letter writing to our government representatives.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Just another rifle

A Palestinian child sits on the shoulders of gunmen during a Fatah march in the West Bank town city of Jenin, Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2007. The demonstrators protested against Hamas gunmen who opened fire on a large crowd of Fatah supporters on Monday killing eight people.(AP Photo/Mohammed Ballas)
The child in this photo is just another gun in the eyes of the Arabs. In a society that inculcates a culture of death, being a Shaheed, to it's youth, people are just another bomb, kassam, katyusha, AK47, etc. Individual life has no meaning.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Erekat: PA baffled over 'Jewish Israel'
Senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat appeared to soften his position Thursday but still rejected Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's call for explicit Palestinian recognition of Israel as "the Jewish state," saying he was baffled as to why Olmert wanted to "poke us in the eye" over the issue.
Asked by The Jerusalem Post whether he recognizes that the Jewish nation has historic rights here, Erekat said: "Israel has rights in the Middle East and the majority of Israelis are Jews. And when we recognized Israel, we recognized the composition of the state." Erekat had told an Arabic satellite TV interviewer earlier this week that the Palestinian Authority "will never acknowledge Israel's Jewish identity."

How does this simple statement "poke them in the eye"? Why is it so hard to say and affirm in writing?


He said the Palestinians were not imposing new preconditions for negotiation, and that Israel's move was akin to "me asking you to acknowledge Israeli responsibility for Palestinian suffering since 1897."

Huh? Last I heard country called Israel was established May 14, 1948 at which time all the Arab countries started a war to wipe out the Jews and the Jews fought back and won. Erekat's statement is so wrong on so many levels. He should be living in Egypt because he's certainly in de-Nile (denial).


The refugee issue, Erekat said, "must be negotiated by the parties" and "resolved in a just and agreed upon manner."

Suddenly he's negotiating. Abbas declared he wouldn't compromise.


Israel, he said, "cannot force us to accept terms."

That's because Israel treated the Arabs incorrectly from the beginning when Israel won all the wars. Israel should have treated them like loosers and make them surrender and then start from negotiating from there.

"Both sides should honor their obligations under the road map" peace plan, he said.

Now he's talking "honoring the obligations under the road map." "Honor" he doesn't know what the word means. This is the same negotiator from Arafat's reign. Arafat the Godfather of terrorism who fully funded suicide bombers and the Karin A.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gaza is already Jew-free

Israel to freeze Gaza expansion
Published:Nov 15, 2007
TEL AVIV - Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will announce a freeze in West Bank settlement expansion as a gesture towards the Palestinians at a US peace meeting this month, a senior official said today.
There are no more Jews in Gaza. Israel already made Gaza Jew-free in 2005. So, as of now, there will be no more Jewish expansion in Gaza. Get them a map and a clue. The West Bank and Gaza are two different areas run by two completely different terror organizations ( maybe that's how the SA Times mixed up the two areas). Get your terror organizations and the areas that they control correct.

Quick! Send Jimmy Carter

Abbas calls for Hamas overthrow in Gaza

RAMALLAH, West Bank - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called on Thursday for the overthrow of Gaza's Hamas rulers, following the Islamic group's deadly crackdown on his loyalists in June.
Abbas stopped short of urging an uprising, but he appeared to be trying to capitalize on growing discontent with Hamas in the coastal territory. It was his first explicit demand that Hamas be ousted since the militant group seized power.

Get Jimmy Carter, former US President and Arafat's former speech writer, on a plane to meet with Abbas and talk some sense into the terrorist, err, I mean man. How dare Abbas suggest this! Geez' the next thing you know Abbas will be calling Hamas terrorists. Oh, that's right, Abbas, the terrorist did call Hamas the "T word".

Jimmy will comfort Abbas by saying, "Hamas, the other terrorists, were democratically elected. Just give them time." "It's the will of of the people".

Tshuva or Aveira

Israeli To Build Newest and Glitziest Casino in Vegas
November 13, 2007 on 2:13 pm
Elad Group owner and Israeli billionaire Yitzhak Tshuva, who is partnering to build an $8 billion megaresort where the New Frontier stood, shook hands and gave hugs after the tower went down.
So Mr. Tshuva (repentance) is building in Las Vegas, AKA "Sin City". Is he changing his name to Mr. Aveira (sin) or will Las Vegas become known as "Repentance City"?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gazan suicide bombers against Hamas?

Economic woes behind new unrest in Gaza
By KARIN LAUB, Associated Press Writer Tue Nov 13, 2:06 PM ET
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - The backdrop to the latest explosion of violence in the Gaza Strip: skeletons of unfinished apartment towers, shuttered factories, empty store shelves and skyrocketing prices for bread and cigarettes.
Five months of rule by the Islamic militants of Hamas and isolation from the world have taken a heavy toll on the already impoverished territory, and frustration over the hardship helped drive this week's mass rally by the rival Fatah movement that ended in mayhem.
The group showed its willingness to use considerable force to stay in power when Hamas police opened fire during Monday's rally of more than 250,000 people. By the end of the day, seven civilians were dead and 85 wounded. Hamas then rounded up 400 Fatah activists overnight and threatened "additional steps" against its bitter enemy.
Economic decline has been rapid since Hamas seized Gaza by force in June and Israel closed the territory's borders in an unprecedented lockdown. Most factories have closed, tens of thousands lost their jobs and exports and most imports are frozen.
Roughly 75 percent of the 1.5 million Gazans now live in poverty, up more than 10 points from the summer
, according to Palestinian government officials in the West Bank.

Haven't we been told over and over again, ad nauseum, that the root causes of terrorism was severe poverty, hopelessness, desparation and lack of opportunity ? This story has it all. The Gazans are living an impoverished, dismal and oppressed life. So shouldn't we be seeing Gazan suicide bombers attacking Hamas? Shouldn't we be seeing Gazans firing Kassam rockets at Hamas?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Olmert's new outline

1. "We won't hold negotiations on our existence as a Jewish state, this is a launching point for all negotiations," Olmert said.

2. The first stage of the road map calls on the Palestinians to dismantle terror groups. The sides had agreed recently that talks would proceed according to the document. In recent weeks, politicians from the right, especially MK Yisrael Katz (Likud), have taken to accusing the government of holding negotiations outside of road map dictates.

Olmert essentially confirmed those accusations. "There is a new outline," he said. "The traditional position has been that there will be no road map implementation without the first phase. I came to the conclusion that we are somewhat able to change the tradition."
Another new line in the sand. And just like the last one (the PA was to remove terrorists and terrorism from their midsts) was redrawn so too can this one be redrawn.

The only good about this is that it gets down to the basic issue issue - the existential existence of a Jewish country in the middle east. It the heart, brain and soul of the Arab-Israeli conflict. All the LFP ideas (land for peace) blew the ship off course. So far the PFP policy has led to continuing death and destruction via terrorism. It's more aptly named LFT - Land For Terrorism. The issue is much deeper than a game of Monopoly.

Saeb Erekat Lies again

Erekat: Palestinians will not accept Israel as 'Jewish state'
By Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondent and Haaretz Service

Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator for the Palestine Liberation Organization, rejected on Monday the government's demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state. In an interview with Israel Radio, Erekat said that "no state in the world connects its national identity to a religious identity."

No state except for the Arab States like Iran and Saudi Arabia and more specifically his own. Check out the Palestinian Basic Law (that's what they call it) Chapter 1, Article 4:

1. Islam is the official religion in Palestine. Respect and sanctity of all other heavenly religions shall be maintained.
2. The principles of Islamic Shari'a shall be the main source of legislation.
3. Arabic shall be the official language.

So where is the media to challenge Erekat? One need no do a lot of digging to find this out. Heck, I found it.

Israellycool shares my sentiments check out his blog and Elder of Ziyon which he references.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Arafat hoped to dance on the collective Jewish grave

West Bank Arafat memorial to open
By Ken Ellingwood, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer November 9, 2007
RAMALLAH, West Bank — The squat tomb sits in dignified quiet, decked in gleaming white Jerusalem stone on a slope soon to be carpeted green by 25 species of trees and shrubs.A two-story prayer hall and 98-foot minaret stand guard nearby, completing a memorial complex for the late Yasser Arafat that is tranquil, stately and well-ordered. It is, in other words, pretty much everything his tumultuous reign as Palestinian leader was not.
"On the one hand, they salute him for his achievements[Death, destruction, poverty, misery, embezzlement and corruption. emphasis added].
Arafat always said he wanted to be buried in Jerusalem, which he hoped would one day serve as the capital of a Palestinian state.That hope remains alive.

Because he believed in the obliteration of the Jewish people, G-d forbid. Arafat's burial in Jerusalem with Jerusalem as the capital of another Arab country would be the equivalent of dancing on the collective Jewish grave.

The tomb is built to allow the body to be retrieved easily from the concrete enclosure for reburial, Shtayyeh said. The square minaret overlooking the grave has a window on top through which a laser beam will point south toward the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem's walled Old City.Even the pool surrounding the mausoleum on three sides is designed to make the structure appear to float, a sign of its transitory nature, Shtayyeh said.The place may be built in stone, but not for eternity. "The code word of all this is temporariness," Shtayyeh said.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

AP Editorial article

Why don't we see headlines saying, "Arabs talk peace but Kassams, suicide bombers, preaching a death cult, etc. hurts prospects for a Palestinian state." ? The entire is one sided completely slanting to show how bad Israel is. It basically says if those mean pesky Israelis would only stop building settlements there would be peace in our time. The piece completely ignores all the murder, mayhem and brainwashing that continues minute by minute by the Arabs. After Israel withdrew from Lebanon and Gaza its ridiculous to blame Israeli settlement growth as the impediment to peace in the region. In Gaza the Israelis uprooted and displaced thousands of its own citizens for the hope that peace would ensue. They've shown that the bricks and mortor mean nothing if the Arabs would reciprocate with peace. Instead they continue their culture of death, suicide bombs, etc. unabated.

Where's the journalistic integrity? Why didn't the article quote people from the Yesha Council? Why only Atabs and Peace Now?

Israel talks peace, but expanding settlement hurts prospects for Palestinian state
The Associated Press
Published: November 7, 2007
BETAR ILLIT, West Bank: The rattle of jackhammers splits the air on a windswept West Bank hilltop as workers smear mortar and lay bricks at a new apartment building in this sprawling Jewish settlement.
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says he's ready to make a deal that would give the Palestinians a state in the West Bank. But realities on the ground — outlined in a new report Wednesday showing vigorous Israeli construction in the West Bank — could have momentous implications for the latest U.S. peacemaking push.
"Everything that Israel is doing on the ground is of course an obstacle to what are trying to achieve," said Rafiq Husseini, a top aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Nonetheless, he said, the Palestinians want to negotiate "until the last minute."
The Palestinians said Monday that they have received assurances from the U.S. that Israel would meet its short-term obligations under the "road map," a U.S.-backed peace plan. In its initial stage, Israel is supposed to freeze West Bank settlement construction and dismantle dozens of settlement outposts scattered across the territory.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sometimes a "gesture" is more than a gesture.

A Palestinian protester gestures in front of an Israeli soldier during a demonstration against Israel's policy of prohibiting Palestinian movement on a highway running past the West Bank village of Beit Ur, November 4, 2007. REUTERS/Ammar Awad (WEST BANK)
"gestures"? It seems like he's ready to throw punch. It reminds me of when AP and other news agencies tell us in the caption that the Palestinians were "chanting slogans". I always think of slogans as something said in strike, "We want higher wages! When do we want it? Now!". To me that's an example of people shouting a slogan. Somehow, me thinks, the Arabs are using much stronger words.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

It's against international law! It's inhumane!

Where is the ISM?? How dare they establish check points! It's against international law! It's inhumane!

Palestinian women waiting to be checked by members of President Mahmoud Abbas' security force, are reflected in a security mirror as they enter Abbas' headquarters in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Saturday, Nov. 3, 2007. (AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yes, Olmert if you talk like a clown...

By Dion Nissenbaum, McClatchy Newspapers Mon Oct 29, 10:24 AM ET
JERUSALEM — The last time Israeli leaders sat down for meaningful peace talks with Palestinian negotiators, then- Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert led a march around the Old City's ancient walls to protest any plans to divide his adopted home.
Olmert in 2000...

"No concessions on Jerusalem ," Olmert said on the eve of the 2000 Camp David summit. "For 33 years, Israel has said there will never be a compromise on Jerusalem . Do you think we were joking?"
Olmert in 2007...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Bouncy, Bouncy...


Daled Amos: How Many Men Does It Take To Police The West Bank?

I saw this article quoted by Daled Amos it's exactly at topic we've discussed at lunch. Yes, not only do I get to read blogs but I get to discuss them at lunch too. I'm like the Sy Sperling of Blogs, "I'm not just a blog reader..." So just to give some perspective... The New York City Police Department has about 37,800 officers that cover an area of about 830 sq. km (322 sq. miles) for about 8.2 million residents. That's about .46% of the NYC population are NYPD police officers.

The West Bank by comparison has 80,000 police officers that cover 5,860 sq km for about 2.5 million residents. About 3.2% of the West Bank population are members of the PAPD.

Watch TV and lose weight

For all you couch potatos (I'm the captain of the Olympic couch potato team) atke a look at this.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The UN does an superb job all by itself

Actually, the UN, unfortunately, does a superb job undermining their own credibility and compromising efforts to stabilise the region by allowing Hezbollah to truck in arms, renting or selling their jeeps and equipment to Hezbollah to kidnap Israeli soldiers and the list goes on.

Thu Oct 25, 6:09 AM ET
MARJAYOUN, Lebanon (AFP) - Lebanese troops opened fire on two Israeli jets flying low over the south of the country on Thursday, the police and army said.
"The Lebanese army used anti-aircraft weapons toward two Israeli warplanes that were flying low over the Marjayoun area," said a police spokesman, who asked not to identified.
An army spokesman said the two jets headed back towards Israel at around 11:10 a.m. (0810 GMT).
The incident marked the first time in a year that the army has fired on Israeli warplanes. In February, troops fired on an unmanned Israeli drone flying east of the southern port city of Tyre.
Israel has drawn intense international criticism by continuing overflights after the ceasefire that ended last year's 34-day war against the militant group Hezbollah.
The United Nations has said such overflights undermine the credibility of UN peacekeepers stationed in southern Lebanon and compromise efforts to stabilise the region.

God is fair many of his Moslem faithful are not fair.

The former mufti of Jerusalem, Ikrema Sabri, has made the claim that there never was a Jewish temple on the Temple Mount, and the Western Wall was really part of a mosque.

"There was never a Jewish temple on Al-Aksa [the mosque compound] and there is no proof that there was ever a temple," he told The Jerusalem Post via a translator. "Because Allah is fair, he would not agree to make Al-Aksa if there were a temple there for others beforehand."
God is fair many of his Moslem faithful are not fair. When one denies our history they deny our future.

Sabri rejected Judaism's claim to the Western Wall as part of the outer wall of the Second Temple.
"The wall is not part of the Jewish temple. It is just the western wall of the mosque," he said. "There is not a single stone with any relation at all to the history of the Hebrews."
"We are the Jews..." come on everyone sing along. Outside of those who want to disassociate us with our history and our future no one refers to the Jews as "Hebrews". So come on mufti own up to it, your statements are just another attempt at a big lie.
Its the same bag of tricks. "Even though we're (the Arabs) the losers of 4 consecutive wars we're coming in as the victors and if you don't listen to our ultimatums we're going to continue terrorist activities. So you'd better listen to us and do as we say otherwise...."

Ali Waked
10.25.07, 00:17 / Israel News
Israel is hindering the Palestinian Authority's security plans, a Palestinian security source told Ynet on Wednesday.
According to the source, Israel prevented the entry of some 500 Palestinian police officers into Nablus through the Hawara checkpoint on Tuesday.


"The Israelis are not cooperating on this issue as well," he said.
According to the source, "The agitation among the organization members is increasing and things could get out of hand."

Desiree Fairooz - Not your average protester

She quit her job as school librarian in Texas to cook and clean for other women who come to Washington DC to protest US Policies. Women from all over the US leave their families for varying amounts of time to stay at this house so they can protest elected officials in Washington. Ms. Fairooz seems to be a Cindy Sheehan without the notoriaty. In fact she was arrested with Ms. Sheehan on September 10, 2007 in DC.

She's also a Gore for President supporter having signed his online petition 3 times (16133, 16134, 16135) and suggested that the Democratic ticket be Gore & Obama.

Ms. Fairooz according to the Fort Worth Weekly is cashing in her retirment savings to fund her protest addiction. [Hattip: Sweetness & Light]

Somehow I think the NSA is collectively saying to Ms. Fairooz, "I've got my eye on you" - especially after this high-profile incident.

10:55 PM CDT on Friday, June 22, 2007
By CHRISTINE MacDONALD / Special Contributor to The Dallas Morning News
"I'm shy," said Ms. Fairooz, 51. "But I'm not afraid at all to confront the criminals on the Hill and speak out for the innocent in Iraq."
Code Pink formed five years ago, basing its name on the government's color-coded terror alert system. According to co-founder Medea Benjamin, the group has an annual budget of about $300,000, which it raises through donations, online fundraising, bake sales, raffles and sales of Code Pink merchandise.

Code Pink's members – mostly women – plot strategy nightly, jotting down the next day's congressional hearings on a dry-erase board near the front door. Most stay at the house for a few weeks before returning home.
This is more than a letter writing campaign.

As "house mama," Ms. Fairooz shops and cooks for the other residents. "I think my husband would keel over if he knew how much cooking I'm doing down here, because I don't cook," she said.

What would NOW have to say?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

US Secretary of State needs a new security chief

Desiree Fairooz of Texas, 50, jumps up in front of U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice before Rice testifies before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington October 24, 2007. Fairooz, an anti-war protester waved blood-colored hands in Rice's face at a congressional hearing on Wednesday and shouted "war criminal!", but was pushed away and detained by police. At right is the committee Chairman Rep. Tom Lantos (D-CA).
REUTERS/Larry Downing
If I were Condi, I'd be looking for a new security chief. How in the world can a protester get so close to the US Secretary of State in a Congressional meeting in the US House of Representatives?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The square wheels of PA justice keeping turning

1. At the government meeting held on Sunday, October 21, 2007, Israeli Security Agency chief Yuval Diskin revealed that the PA had released three previously detained terrorist operatives belonging to a squad which had planned to assassinate the Israeli prime minister. The attack was to have been carried out during the prime minister's late June visit to Jericho . The visit was cancelled (apparently for political reasons) and rescheduled for August 6.
2. The details of the affair are the following:
1) At the end of June 2007 the ISA gave the Palestinians the names of the members of a terrorist squad who were planning to attack Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. The attack was to be carried out at a meeting with PA Chairman Abu Mazen scheduled for the end of June in Jericho . That meeting was not held, but as a result of the information reinforced security measures were in place for the prime minister and his entourage during his August 6 visit to Jericho .
2) Following the information given to the Palestinian security forces by Israel , they detained three terrorist operatives . Two other members of the squad were detained by the Israeli security forces. Two of those detained by the Palestinians belonged to the National Security Force and the third served in General Intelligence. Two of the three were also members of Fatah-Tanzim.
3) The terrorist operatives who were detained admitted that they had planned to shoot at the prime minister's convoy . Nevertheless, all three operatives held by the Palestinians were released on September 26 when the investigation ended. The Palestinians issued contradictory versions of their release: Palestinian “security sources” told a journalist from the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz that they had been released “by mistake,” and that once the mistake had been realized they were again detained. On the other hand, Palestinian “political sources” claimed that the three had been released because they hadn't had a serious plan for carrying out the attack ( Ha'aretz , October 22).
4) The terrorist squad was composed of armed members of the Palestinian security forces with easy access to Jericho . They were supposed to be part of the PA's outer security ring along the road leading to Jericho or around the Intercontinental Hotel, the destination of Olmer's convoy ( Yediot Aharonot , October 22).
3. Ha'aretz reported that last Friday, October 19, the Palestinian security forces again detained two of the three terrorist operatives previously released . According to the same report, Israel detained the third terrorist previously in Palestinian hands. The PA allowed Israeli newsmen to hold short interviews with the two terrorists currently imprisoned in Jericho , in our assessment, in an attempt to deflect Israeli accusations. The two, Muhammad Gharouf and Muhammad Hamdan, were interviewed by Ha'aretz and Yediot Haaharonot reporters and as expected, denied Israel 's version ( Ha'aretz , Yediot Aharonot , October 22).

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fatah militants tried to ambush Israeli PM

Sun Oct 21, 6:24 AM
JERUSALEM (AFP) - Militants from Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas's Fatah movement tried to attack Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's convoy in the West Bank last summer, a senior Israeli official said on Sunday.
Yuval Diskin, the head of Israel's domestic Shin Beth security service, gave details of the August 6 plot during a weekly meeting of the Israeli cabinet, a senior government official present at the meeting told AFP.
"On August 6, while Prime Minister Olmert was travelling to Jericho to meet Abu Mazen (Abbas), Fatah terrorists tried attacking his convoy," the official said, quoting Diskin.
"The terror plot was thwarted and the meeting was held as planned," the official added.
A senior security official speaking to AFP on condition of anonymity said the operation -- envisioned as a shooting ambush -- was planned by a five-person cell, including members of security forces loyal to Abbas.
"It was a cell of five members. Three of them were arrested by Palestinian security services and released on Sept 26. The other two were arrested by Israeli security forces in an operation in Jericho," the official said.
Glad to see the square wheels of Arab justice are spinning. In what other place on earth is a assassination attempt on a foreign leader, especially the one that you're allegedly trying to make peace with, treated like this? On August 6 they attempt to kill Olmert and on September 26 they're released. Exactly what type of justice - even in the loosest definition of the word - is there among Abbas and company?

"The members of the cell were members of the Palestinian security forces, including the 17 Force," an elite force under the direct authority of Abbas, the official added.
Aren't these the guys that the US government is training? Here's a quick reference in a June 18, 2007 article in the NY Times,
“We are going to support President Abbas and what he wants to do,” Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in announcing the change in policy. She said the United States would work to “restructure” and unfreeze $86 million in aid that was originally set out to help Mr. Abbas build up his security forces.
A senior Palestinian security official, however, said the group responsible for planning the attack included only two people, and that Palestinian security forces were still holding both of them.

"We have arrested the members of the group and have launched an inquiry. They are still in prison, and we have not freed anyone," Tawfiq Tirawi, the head of Palestinian intelligence services, told AFP.

So which is it? Are they free or are they in prison?

Now remind me why Olmert and company are making fire-sale like concessions to a leader whose status as leader is on life support. Abbas can't even stop his loyal well trained by the US guards from assasdination attempts against foriegn leaders, he doesn't control Gaza, they continue to launch missile attacks on Israel, they continue to send suicide bombers, they haven'y completed any steps on the Road Map plan, etc. And for all this Olmert is giving away Israel?

According to the US State Dept.:
The following is a performance-based and goal-driven roadmap, with clear phases, timelines, target dates, and benchmarks aiming at progress through reciprocal steps by the two parties in the political, security, economic, humanitarian, and institution-building fields, under the auspices of the Quartet [the United States, European Union, United Nations, and Russia]. The destination is a final and comprehensive settlement of the Israel-Palestinian conflict by 2005, as presented in President Bush’s speech of 24 June, and welcomed by the EU, Russia and the UN in the 16 July and 17 September Quartet Ministerial statements.

A two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will only be achieved through an end to violence and terrorism, when the Palestinian people have a leadership acting decisively against terror and willing and able to build a practicing democracy based on tolerance and liberty, and through Israel’s readiness to do what is necessary for a democratic Palestinian state to be established, and a clear, unambiguous acceptance by both parties of the goal of a negotiated settlement as described below. The Quartet will assist and facilitate implementation of the plan, starting in Phase I, including direct discussions between the parties as required. The plan establishes a realistic timeline for implementation. However, as a performance-based plan, progress will require and depend upon the good faith efforts of the parties, and their compliance with each of the obligations outlined below. Should the parties perform their obligations rapidly, progress within and through the phases may come sooner than indicated in the plan. Non-compliance with obligations will impede progress.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Have a cigar, you're gonna' go far

Yes, those nefarious Israelis/Jews are back to their old tricks. They've found yet another way to increase the suffering of the poor Arabs, especially those in Gaza. If only the Israelis would ease the economic embargo...

SHATI REFUGEE CAMP, Gaza Strip - In Akram Abu Ghaben's hole-in-the wall grocery, cigarettes are no longer sold by the pack.
Skyrocketing prices — a result of Israel's economic sanctions on Gaza following the Hamas takeover in June — have pushed cigarettes out of the reach of many smokers.
In a tension-filled place where a pack of Marlboros is a badge of manliness and smoking is common, even in hospitals and elevators, many are now forced to face their addiction.
Some have quit, while others are reluctantly cutting back, cursing Israel for keeping most cigarettes out and the Hamas government for clamping high taxes on whatever gets through.
Mahmoud Zahar, a stern Hamas ideologue and physician, said he's not moved by the smokers' complaints.
"We are very happy about their suffering," said Zahar, pointing to the obvious health and financial benefits of the cigarette shortage.

AP - Sat Oct 20, 2:21 PM ET
Palestinian Akram Abu Ghaben, right, sells a cigarette to a customer at his shop in Gaza City Friday, Oct. 19, 2007. In Akram Abu Ghaben's hole-in-the wall grocery, cigarettes are no longer sold by the pack, but by the piece. Skyrocketing prices — a result of Israel's even tighter economic stranglehold on Gaza following the Hamas takeover in June — have pushed cigarettes out of the reach of many smokers.(AP Photo/Hatem Moussa)

Palestinian Abdel Basset Hajaj, 50, a former smoker who quit after some 38 years due to high prices is seen in Gaza City Friday, Oct. 19, 2007. Skyrocketing prices — a result of Israel's even tighter economic stranglehold on Gaza following the Hamas takeover in June — have pushed cigarettes out of the reach of many smokers. Some, like Hajaj have quit, while others are reluctantly cutting back, cursing Israel for keeping most cigarettes out and the Hamas government for clamping high taxes on whatever gets through.(AP Photo/Hatem Moussa)

Then AP includes these two photos to accompany their ground breaking news story.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sharon's 180 degree turn and other

If we cut and run, Gaza will be taken over by terror organizations... Gaza's squares shall be transformed into launching platforms of Katyushas toward Ashkelon ... The only way to defeat terrorism is by controlling its bases.

Likud MK Ariel Sharon Maariv, June 12, 1992

All you do all day is threaten that there will be Katyusha rockets landing in Ashkelon. Would you mind telling me why there are no rockets fired from Aqaba to Eilat?"

Foreign Minister Labor MK Shimon Peres
Knesset minutes September 9, 1993

Peres may not have even a toe in reality but he is consistant. Take a look at what some Israeli politicians have said in the past.

If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem

What was the issue(s) that drove him to change his mind?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Singing in the Rain

We ask for rain in Israel during the Geshem prayer during Mussaf. And we add "Mashiv HaRuach Ooh'Morid Hageshem."

Live long and prosper

By SAMANTHA GROSS, Associated Press Writer

An asteroid between Mars and Jupiter has been renamed 7307 Takei in honor of the actor, best known for his role as Hikaru Sulu in the original "Star Trek" series and movies.
"I am now a heavenly body," Takei, 70, said Tuesday, laughing. "I found out about it yesterday. ... I was blown away. It came out of the clear, blue sky — just like an asteroid."

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Technorati Profile

Sukkah at work

PA wants 'sweeping deal' before summit

Oct 2, 2007 0:42 Updated Oct 2, 2007 11:08

The Palestinians will only participate in the US-sponsored peace conference expected to be held next month if general agreement is first reached with Israel on all the fundamental issues, Palestinian Authority officials here said Monday.

They said that in addition to Jerusalem, the borders of the future Palestinian state and the problem of the refugees, the PA was also seeking agreement on water, security and settlements.Meanwhile Monday evening, 16 Gazans were wounded in Khan Yunis in fighting between Hamas and Fatah gunmen. The clashes began when Hamas's Executive Force tried to arrest a Fatah man.

The officials also denied that the PA had agreed to discuss an exchange of land with Israel and limiting the number of refugees who would return to Israel proper. They said the PA's official position remained that Israel must withdraw from all the territories captured in 1967, including east Jerusalem, and that there would be no concessions on the "right of return."
According to another PA official, the Palestinians want the declaration of principles to include an Israeli commitment to withdraw to the pre-1967 borders. "As President Mahmoud Abbas stated last week, we have no intention to compromise on any of our rights," he said.
Could it be that the Arabs will "never miss an opportunity to miss and opportunity"? Because I'm concerned that Olmert/Ramon/Livni will continue with their "yard sale" of Israel.

TSA to scrutinize remote-controlled toys

Associated Press Writer Mon Oct 1, 5:38 PM ET
WASHINGTON - Airport screeners will be taking a closer look at remote control toys in carry-on luggage due to concerns they could be used to detonate bombs, U.S. officials said Monday.
The new practice is a result of reviewing recent intelligence, but isn't based on any specific threat, according to the Transportation Security Administration. ...

And according to Kip Hawley, TSA Administrator, in the same article, "We know that al-Qaida uses children and babies and old people, and you can't predict what a terrorist looks like," ...

And here's what ABC has to say...
Yes, they were just two college student caught speeding with "fire crackers" who were racially profiled according to Ahmed Bedier of CAIR-FL.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

FBI: Pair sought to hurt troops

By KEVIN GRAHAM, Times Staff WriterPublished September 28, 2007

Yousef Samir Megahed face federal arraignment on Oct. 3.
Ahmed Abda Sherf Mohamed has bomb-making information on his laptop.

TAMPA - A suspended University of South Florida student facing explosives charges regarded American troops and U.S. allies as invaders of Arab countries, an FBI agent says in federal court documents filed this week.
The agent's affidavit gives more details about a secretly taped conversation between Ahmed Mohamed, 26, and fellow student Youssef Megahed, 21, and also about the contents of Mohamed's laptop.
In a sworn affidavit, FBI Special Agent Daniel J. McTavish said that when agents searched Mohamed's hard drive they found a folder named "Bomb Shock." It contained files of information on explosives, explosive ingredients and downloads from Web sites about explosives.
Investigators also found another folder labeled "High-Order Explosives," which included information on the composition and use of explosives, including TNT and C-4.

According to CAIR they were just two unlucky college kids who got caught speeding with fire crackers in the trunk of their car and were racially profiled.

Baruch Dayan Ha'Emes - Rabbi Avraham Shapira ZATZAL

Rabbi Avraham Shapira ZATZAL Niftar September 29, 2007

Rav Avraham Elkana HaKohen Shapira, the head of the Merkaz HaRav Kook Yeshiva and a former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, passed away on the first day of Sukkos at the age of 94.

Rav Shimon Eider ZATZAL

September 29, 2007

We regret to inform you of the Petira of the noted Posek in Lakewood - Rav Shimon Eider ZATZAL (on the second day of Yom Tov) after a long illness. Rav Eider was a Talmid of Hagoen Rav Aron Kotler ZATZAL, and wrote many Seforim. The Levaya is scheduled for 11:00AM at BMG, and the Kevurah will take place in New Jersey. Boruch Dayan Emmes….

Land for Terrorism formula

"But before 1947, we had 95% of Palestine. In 1937, the partition plan gave the Israelis only part of Palestine. And they were very happy at that time. [David] Ben-Gurion was very happy with it. It didn't work.

"It didn't work". The surrounding Arabs countries, Egypt, Jordan, Syrian and Lebanon invaded trying to drive the Jews into the sea. There was no political discourse to try and resolve issue. The Arabs asked no questions, grabbed their and started shooting. A war which the Arabs lost and lost much of the land that they could have had.

After that [came] the 1947 partition plan - we rejected this, so we lost... Now, we accept [the pre-'67 borders]."

Then in 1956, led by Egypt, they also started a war and lost. Then in 1967 once again they lost the war and lost the land. Now they want to jump in a time machine and all those wars, all that terrorism, etc. is magically gone. Suddenly if Israel returns everything and they give nothing everything will be OK. Well, thanks, to paraphrase, "that's mighty Arab of you".

According to this plan, Abbas can continue to inculcate a culture of death via Arab TV, the education system, the religion/mosques, etc. So there will never be a change in culture and attitude towards Israelis and Jews. The culture of abject hatred, death and destruction will continue unabated. If nothing is done to change the hearts and minds of the Arab people towards Jews and Israelis then the situation will continue to deteriorate evn further - as hard as that is to believe. The dynamics of the situation will not have changed. All there will be is a worthless piece of paper in the hands of the Israelis and land for the Arabs.

Hypothetically, even granting Abbas position. What's in the deal to stop terrorism. What's being done to stop cross border attacks against Israel by the Arabs? We're now shoulder to shoulder on the same side, aren't we? Shouldn't Abbas's well funded, US trained police force start routing out terrorists in their midst? Shouldn't we see headlines and photo ops that Abbas's troops have "discovered" bomb and kassam factories? The could call it "Operation Shock and Surprise".

What's the consequence for terrorism launched from the newly acquired land? More land?

The "land for terrorism" formula as it's being implemented and it seems to be working.

Flexible as steel

"We will be flexible," said Abbas.

"Ninety-two [percent] is unacceptable to us," Abbas said.

Am I missing something? If somebody handed 92% me of the lottery I'd be pretty happy. But not the Arab leaders. The Arabs have not accepted defeat and the Israeli continue to crush them militarily and then hand them victory.

Our sukkah in the middle of the block

Here's just one angle. The multicolor chain was fashioned by my daughter and the blue & white chain was done by my son. The flower garland and hanging apples were my wife's idea.

Monday, September 24, 2007

She's having a ball.

It's the latest rage in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and many other Arab countries.

TSA Recognizes the Religious Events of Sukkot

Heard about this on Nachum Segal's Jewish Moments in the Morning Radio Show JM in the AM. I enjoy the program on the way to dropping the kids at school and on my way to work. Friday mornings are of particular good note (attempt at a pun) because of Rabbi Yudin's drasha about the weekly parsha and Malcolm Honlein's discussion of current political events vis-a-vis the Jewish communities of the US, Israel and the world.

TSA Recognizes the Religious Events of Sukkot
Press & Happenings
TSA recognizes that the travel period for Sukkot, a significant event for persons of the Jewish faith, begins approximately on September 23, 2007, and ends approximately on October 4, 2007.
TSA’s standard operating procedures do not prohibit the carrying of the four plants – which include a palm branch, myrtle twigs, willow twigs, and a citron through the airport or the security checkpoints, or on aircraft. These plants are not on TSA’s Prohibited Items List.
TSA understands that this is a significant religious event for the Jewish faith and has reminded its security workforce that members of the Jewish faith may be observed engaging in religious practices or meditations and carrying the four plants.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Shatner Singing to Lucas

Rabbi Frand's Tsuvah Drasha 2007

Rabbi Frand's Tsuvah Drasha 2007

It's a must.

[Hattip: Verbiage]

1st Annual Sukkah Collage

Welcome to the 1st annual Sukkah collage. Send in 1 picture of your sukkah and I'll post the pictures, bli neder. You can send an inside or an outside photo, but make it count.

It could be a photo of your personal sukkah, your synangogue sukkah, your work sukkah, your college dorm sukkah... Well you get the idea.

We've only just begun. I didn't want to give away any secrets (my 8 y.o. daughter explained to me that she is an artist) so here's a picture of the outside of our sukkah with a peek at the inside.

Israel's NY consulate launches youtube contest | Jerusalem Post

Take a look at what is reporting.

The Israeli consulate in New York has launched a video competition about Israel on youtube, hoping to help boost a positive image about Israel in the popular video website.
The best videos will be aired on October 11 at Madison Square Garden in New York, when Israel's perennial basketball champions Maccabi Tel Aviv play the NBA's New York Knicks. The 20,000 fans, who will watch the clips on the arena's giant screens, will choose their favorite. The winner will win a roundtrip ticket to or from New York and two tickets to a Knicks game - a gift provided by the Israeli-America Friendship League.


Hammers and Tasers - we live in such a violent world.

Sure we'd invite Hitler to speak, says Columbia dean

The apex of emptymindedness. When will he invite a representative of the Klu Klux Klan to speak at Columbia? If Bollinger is soooo openminded (so open that his brain falls out). He offered to hypothetically invite Hitler to speak so why the Grand Wizard of the Knights of the KKK?

Israel thwarts suicide bombing planned for holy day of Yom Kippur - The Boston Globe

Police thwart suicide bombing in Israel

Cabinet to vote today on freeing 100 Palestinians

By Reuters September 23, 2007
JERUSALEM - Israeli police seized an explosive belt that was intended to be used in a Tel Aviv suicide bomb attack on the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur, a police spokesman said yesterday.


Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said this week that he would ask his Cabinet to approve the release of Palestinian prisoners, but did not say how many would be freed. Baker said yesterday that 100 prisoners were up for release.
Israel plans to release members of the secular Fatah faction - a move to boost Abbas, who is backed by the West, after the Islamist group Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip in June.
These two headlines are from the same Reuters story. While Israel is planning to release even more recalcitrant violent Arabs, the Arabs are trying to blow up innocent people on Yom Kippur. It seems to me that there is complete disconnect between the actions on the part of the Israeli government and that of the Arabs.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Hillsborough: Tampa judge puts off bail for USF student

Just a quick update on the 2 Florida college students arrested with pipe bombs and other related items in their car trunk near a South Carolina US Naval base.

Tampa judge puts off bail for USF student
By Times Staff WriterPublished September 21, 2007
TAMPA - A suspended University of South Florida student in jail on explosives charges cannot post bail until a hearing on an appeal by federal prosecutors who oppose his release, a judge ruled.
Relatives for Youssef Megahed had secured the $200,000 needed, and met all the conditions for his pretrial release, his attorney said. But federal prosecutors filed a motion Thursday to stop him from getting out.
Megahed, 21, is a "significant flight risk," Assistant U.S. Attorney Jay Hoffer wrote in his motion. He asked the court to issue a stay on the Sept. 14 order by U.S. Magistrate Judge Elizabeth A. Jenkins that set bail conditions.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Malcolm Hoenlein on Ahmadinejad Rally

Iran's President Ahmadinejad is coming to the UN.Will you?

He funds and supports terror around the world.

He wants a world without the US and Israel.

He is developing nuclear weapons.

He denies the Holocaust.

YOU can send a different message!Join the National Rally To Stop Iran Now.

Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, across from the United Nations:

Monday, September 24th12 noon, 2nd Avenue at 47th Street

Join the National Rally To Stop Iran Now

Iran's President Ahmadinejad is coming to the UN.Will you?
He funds and supports terror around the world.He wants a world without the US and Israel.
He is developing nuclear weapons.He denies the Holocaust.YOU can send a different message!Join the National Rally To Stop Iran Now.Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, across from the United Nations: Monday, September 24th12 noon, 2nd Avenue at 47th Street

Fort Dix 6

Another story of terrorism in US that's getting very little attention. And now back to OJ and Brittany.

Liberty City Seven

Jury selection starts in Miami 'homegrown terrorism' case

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

israelinsider: diplomacy: Declaration of Capitulation: Olmert hands articles of surrender to Abbas

I liked this headline because it sums up what Olmert is doing. He is capitulating. At lunch yesteday a friend and author of Daled Amos, came up with another good line, "Olmert's Declaration of Concessions".

We wanted to do more but...

Birdbrain (Tzipi): "Sorry we could only offer you 95% of the West Bank, split Jerusalem and give you the Temple Mount. We wanted to do more but..."

AP's whitewash of Zero Degree Orbit

AP thinks the State run Iranian TV is warming up to the Jews.

Iran Holocaust Show Sympathetic to Jews
By NASSER KARIMI – 2 days ago
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — It is Iran's version of "Schindler's List," a miniseries that tells the tale of an Iranian diplomat in Paris who helps Jews escape the Holocaust — and viewers across the country are riveted.

Now take a look at MEMRI and see the actual translation. "I'm-a-nutjob" (Ahmadinejad) is still the Jew hating Holocoust denier who wants to wipe Israel off the map.

Olmert 'ready for uncondtional peace talks with Syria' - Israel News, Ynetnews

Yes PM Olmert continues to speak as though he is completely disconnected from reality.

Israel is interested in holding peace talks with Syria under the right conditions, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Monday.
Sunday Times quotes Israeli officials as saying airstrike in Syria 10 days ago was planned in late spring after Mossad obtained evidence that Syria was seeking nuclear equipment
Full Story
"We want to make peace… we are willing to make peace with Syria unconditionally and without demands. I have a lot of respect for the Syrian leader and the Syrian policy," Olmert said in a meeting with Russian reporters at his Jerusalem residence.

The Arabs conspired with the Zionists on 9/11

Take a look at what a former US Senator James Abourezk had to say about 9/11, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. as quoted by MEMRI and as aired on Al-Manar TV on August 30, 2007.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sept. '07 Palestinian Attacks Stats

Here are the September 2007 stats for rockets, gunfire, grenades from Israel's peace loving peace partners - the "Palestinians".

Many thanks to the IICC for compiling the stats. No thanks to the Arabs for providing the attacks.

Mohamed's Jail Cell Stark Contrast To Elite Home Life

So much for Terrorist driven by poverty thoery.

By LIAM STACK Special to the Tribune
Published: Sep 15, 2007

CAIRO, EGYPT - The Heliopolis Club is an oasis of leafy green calm in the heart of the congested but upscale Cairo suburb of Heliopolis.
The address is one of the city's most elite. It is home to gracious villas with luxury cars parked out front, boutiques that sell Gucci head scarves and the heavily guarded palace of President Hosni Mubarak, who has ruled Egypt with an iron fist since 1981.
It is also home to the family of Ahmed Mohamed, a 26-year-old student at the University of South Florida, now in the Falkenburg Road Jail, indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of trying to help terrorists by aiding, teaching and demonstrating the use of an explosive device as well as transporting explosives.
Organizations like the Heliopolis Club are an institution in the life of upper-class Egyptians, who can slip inside their gates to escape from the noise and crowding of this city of 18 million.
Few are allowed inside those gates. Membership in such social clubs is hereditary, with children inheriting from parents and spouses marrying into them from families less well-connected.
Inside, children run around jungle gyms and teenagers lounge by the pool while their parents mingle over buffet lines or a game of golf or croquet.
To enroll as a new member, a family must fork over a lump sum of $10,000 and pay an annual fee; this in a country where the average annual income hovers around $800.

'Jihadi' Images, Detonator Video Found

Why is this being treated as a "local law enforcement" issue? Should this be a terrorism issue handled by the Feds? They get pulled over and local police find pvc pipe, potassium nitrate, gasoline, safety fuse, etc. Then combine that with the videos. Sounds like Jihadists in training to me. Yet they're being treated like 2 good ol' boys from the South that are cought with some moonshine and a few roman candles around the 4th of July.

Published: Sep 15, 2007
TAMPA - A laptop computer deputies found when they pulled over two University of South Florida students in South Carolina contained a video made by one of the men showing how to use a toy to detonate a bomb remotely, a federal prosecutor said Friday.
On that video, the student, Ahmed Mohamed, said the detonator could "save one who wants to be a martyr for another day, another battle," Assistant U.S. Attorney Jay Hoffer said.
The prosecutor said that video was posted by Mohamed on YouTube, a popular Web site.
Also on the laptop were "jihadi" images and footage of rockets used by Hamas, Hoffer said.
Although a judge granted bail for the other student, Youssef Megahed, prosecutors immediately appealed, delaying his release until at least next week. Mohamed waived his right to a bail hearing.
Hoffer disclosed the computer evidence Friday as he laid out the prosecution's case that Megahed should be denied bail because he is a danger to the community and a flight risk.
U.S. Magistrate Elizabeth Jenkins ruled Megahed could be released on $200,000 bail if he meets a number of strict conditions, including what amounts to house arrest. "I do agree he poses a danger, no question about that, based on what was found in the car," Jenkins said. She also said the government failed to demonstrate a specific danger to the community, as required by law.
Hoffer acknowledged under questioning from the judge that he had no specific evidence of Megahed's intentions. Hoffer said that under the current charge, Megahed likely faces less than three years in prison if convicted.
A defense attorney maintained his client was not dangerous and that he has strong ties to the community and no record of violence. The federal courtroom was packed with Megahed's family members and friends, and Jenkins said she had received numerous letters in Megahed's support.
Neither the defense nor the prosecution presented sworn testimony during the hearing.
Megahed's public defender, Adam Allen, said there was no evidence his client made or saw the video that prosecutors said Mohamed made.
Both defendants are Egyptian citizens. Megahed is a legal, permanent resident of the Unites States, and Mohamed is here on a student visa.
Hoffer said that when deputies in South Carolina pulled the pair over for speeding on Aug. 4, they saw Megahed, who was the passenger, trying to put away the laptop computer that belonged to Mohamed. When investigators analyzed the computer, they found that the last-viewed images showed Qassam rockets, which are used by Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Also on the computer were videos of discussions of martyrdom and videos showing the firing of M-16 rifles, Hoffer said.
'Explosive Mixture'
In the trunk, deputies found four small sections of PVC pipe, at least three of which were stuffed with a "potassium nitrate explosive mixture" of potassium nitrate, Karo syrup and kitty litter, Hoffer said. He said the kitty litter served as a binder to keep the substance from coming out of the pipes, which were not capped.
Investigators also found a container of gasoline, 20 feet of safety fuse and an electric drill, which Hoffer said could be used to drill holes in the pipe so fuses could be attached.
"Obviously, that raised the hackles of law enforcement in South Carolina," Hoffer said. "That's why we're here."

Sept. '07 Palestinian Attacks Stats

Here are the September 2007 stats for the rockets, grenades, gunfire etc. from Israel's peace loving neighborbors - the "Palestinians".

Overdosing on O.J. Simpson, Brittany, etc.

Who cares about OJ and Brittany? Why does the media spend sooo much time - hour after boring and vacuous hour - discussing these two people? They and many others belong on the list of "People I and my children shouldn't emulate". Period.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Madonna meets with Israeli president - Yahoo! News

Sat Sep 15, 6:06 PM ET
JERUSALEM - Madonna met with Israel's president Saturday during a visit to attend a conference on Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical sect she has embraced despite criticism from Orthodox Jews.
The pop star was seen entering Shimon Peres' home in Jerusalem with husband Guy Ritchie after the end of the Jewish New Year at sunset Saturday. The Nobel Peace laureate gave Madonna a copy of the Old Testament that she had requested, Israeli TV reported.

He continues his infatuation with Hollywood. Don't forget his 80th birthday bash when he invited his closest pals, Kathleen Turner, Naomi Campbell, etc.