Monday, September 24, 2007

TSA Recognizes the Religious Events of Sukkot

Heard about this on Nachum Segal's Jewish Moments in the Morning Radio Show JM in the AM. I enjoy the program on the way to dropping the kids at school and on my way to work. Friday mornings are of particular good note (attempt at a pun) because of Rabbi Yudin's drasha about the weekly parsha and Malcolm Honlein's discussion of current political events vis-a-vis the Jewish communities of the US, Israel and the world.

TSA Recognizes the Religious Events of Sukkot
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TSA recognizes that the travel period for Sukkot, a significant event for persons of the Jewish faith, begins approximately on September 23, 2007, and ends approximately on October 4, 2007.
TSA’s standard operating procedures do not prohibit the carrying of the four plants – which include a palm branch, myrtle twigs, willow twigs, and a citron through the airport or the security checkpoints, or on aircraft. These plants are not on TSA’s Prohibited Items List.
TSA understands that this is a significant religious event for the Jewish faith and has reminded its security workforce that members of the Jewish faith may be observed engaging in religious practices or meditations and carrying the four plants.

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