Saturday, September 8, 2007

Arab League, Egypt say Israel hurting peace effort

Arab League, Egypt say Israel hurting peace effort
Fri 7 Sep 2007, 12:09 GMT
CAIRO, Sept 7 (Reuters) - The Arab League said on Friday Israeli infiltrations of Syrian airspace, reported by Syria, were unacceptable and called into question Israel's commitment to achieving regional peace.
Egypt's foreign ministry also said the Israeli violations added to tension in the region.
The pourous border between Egypt and Gaza has nothing to do with tensions in the area? Allowing or at the very least, being "asleep at the wheel" as smugglers traffic in anti-tank missles, guns, ammo, supplies to create Kassam rockets, etc. doesn't contribute to tensions in the area?

Syria accused Israel of bombing its territory on Thursday and said it could respond to the Jewish state's "aggression and treachery".
Israel declined to comment on the charge by Syria, which said no casualties or damage were caused. The Syrian accusation was partly responsible for triggering a rise in world oil prices of more than $1.40 a barrel.
"These unacceptable manoeuvres reveal negative Israeli intentions toward current discussions to achieve peace in the Middle East," an Arab League statement quoted Secretary-General Amr Moussa as saying.
So Hamas raining Kassam rockets on a daily basis is OK? Lebanon allowing Hizbollah to operate with unbridled restrainst from the Lebanese government is OK? The PA doing nothing to quell "violence" and allowing, harboring and promoting terrorists and terrorism for all these years is OK?

"These violations add only tension to the region at a time when all parties should work on pacifying the situation, not making it worse," the Egyptian foreign ministry statement said.

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