Saturday, September 29, 2007

Land for Terrorism formula

"But before 1947, we had 95% of Palestine. In 1937, the partition plan gave the Israelis only part of Palestine. And they were very happy at that time. [David] Ben-Gurion was very happy with it. It didn't work.

"It didn't work". The surrounding Arabs countries, Egypt, Jordan, Syrian and Lebanon invaded trying to drive the Jews into the sea. There was no political discourse to try and resolve issue. The Arabs asked no questions, grabbed their and started shooting. A war which the Arabs lost and lost much of the land that they could have had.

After that [came] the 1947 partition plan - we rejected this, so we lost... Now, we accept [the pre-'67 borders]."

Then in 1956, led by Egypt, they also started a war and lost. Then in 1967 once again they lost the war and lost the land. Now they want to jump in a time machine and all those wars, all that terrorism, etc. is magically gone. Suddenly if Israel returns everything and they give nothing everything will be OK. Well, thanks, to paraphrase, "that's mighty Arab of you".

According to this plan, Abbas can continue to inculcate a culture of death via Arab TV, the education system, the religion/mosques, etc. So there will never be a change in culture and attitude towards Israelis and Jews. The culture of abject hatred, death and destruction will continue unabated. If nothing is done to change the hearts and minds of the Arab people towards Jews and Israelis then the situation will continue to deteriorate evn further - as hard as that is to believe. The dynamics of the situation will not have changed. All there will be is a worthless piece of paper in the hands of the Israelis and land for the Arabs.

Hypothetically, even granting Abbas position. What's in the deal to stop terrorism. What's being done to stop cross border attacks against Israel by the Arabs? We're now shoulder to shoulder on the same side, aren't we? Shouldn't Abbas's well funded, US trained police force start routing out terrorists in their midst? Shouldn't we see headlines and photo ops that Abbas's troops have "discovered" bomb and kassam factories? The could call it "Operation Shock and Surprise".

What's the consequence for terrorism launched from the newly acquired land? More land?

The "land for terrorism" formula as it's being implemented and it seems to be working.

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