Saturday, September 29, 2007

FBI: Pair sought to hurt troops

By KEVIN GRAHAM, Times Staff WriterPublished September 28, 2007

Yousef Samir Megahed face federal arraignment on Oct. 3.
Ahmed Abda Sherf Mohamed has bomb-making information on his laptop.

TAMPA - A suspended University of South Florida student facing explosives charges regarded American troops and U.S. allies as invaders of Arab countries, an FBI agent says in federal court documents filed this week.
The agent's affidavit gives more details about a secretly taped conversation between Ahmed Mohamed, 26, and fellow student Youssef Megahed, 21, and also about the contents of Mohamed's laptop.
In a sworn affidavit, FBI Special Agent Daniel J. McTavish said that when agents searched Mohamed's hard drive they found a folder named "Bomb Shock." It contained files of information on explosives, explosive ingredients and downloads from Web sites about explosives.
Investigators also found another folder labeled "High-Order Explosives," which included information on the composition and use of explosives, including TNT and C-4.

According to CAIR they were just two unlucky college kids who got caught speeding with fire crackers in the trunk of their car and were racially profiled.

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