Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hamas = Violence

Nothing in life is a coincidence. As such, in this past week's haftorah for Parshas Ki Savo, Issiah 60:18, I find it interesting that the word "HAMAS" (ches, mem, samech) appears. ( I think we'll see it again in Parshas Noah Genesis 6:11. Although in Parshas Noah I always thought it meant more like lawlessness or anarchy). In the two english translations that I've seen, they translate the word "hamas" as "violence".

To paraphrase this past week's haftorah, "Let there be no more Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, Al-Kayda, etc. in your land..."

Disclaimer: I am not a Rabbi nor do I portray a Rabbi in real life nor on TV. I am just a poor boy though my story is often told...

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