Monday, October 29, 2007


Daled Amos: How Many Men Does It Take To Police The West Bank?

I saw this article quoted by Daled Amos it's exactly at topic we've discussed at lunch. Yes, not only do I get to read blogs but I get to discuss them at lunch too. I'm like the Sy Sperling of Blogs, "I'm not just a blog reader..." So just to give some perspective... The New York City Police Department has about 37,800 officers that cover an area of about 830 sq. km (322 sq. miles) for about 8.2 million residents. That's about .46% of the NYC population are NYPD police officers.

The West Bank by comparison has 80,000 police officers that cover 5,860 sq km for about 2.5 million residents. About 3.2% of the West Bank population are members of the PAPD.

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