Thursday, October 25, 2007

Desiree Fairooz - Not your average protester

She quit her job as school librarian in Texas to cook and clean for other women who come to Washington DC to protest US Policies. Women from all over the US leave their families for varying amounts of time to stay at this house so they can protest elected officials in Washington. Ms. Fairooz seems to be a Cindy Sheehan without the notoriaty. In fact she was arrested with Ms. Sheehan on September 10, 2007 in DC.

She's also a Gore for President supporter having signed his online petition 3 times (16133, 16134, 16135) and suggested that the Democratic ticket be Gore & Obama.

Ms. Fairooz according to the Fort Worth Weekly is cashing in her retirment savings to fund her protest addiction. [Hattip: Sweetness & Light]

Somehow I think the NSA is collectively saying to Ms. Fairooz, "I've got my eye on you" - especially after this high-profile incident.

10:55 PM CDT on Friday, June 22, 2007
By CHRISTINE MacDONALD / Special Contributor to The Dallas Morning News
"I'm shy," said Ms. Fairooz, 51. "But I'm not afraid at all to confront the criminals on the Hill and speak out for the innocent in Iraq."
Code Pink formed five years ago, basing its name on the government's color-coded terror alert system. According to co-founder Medea Benjamin, the group has an annual budget of about $300,000, which it raises through donations, online fundraising, bake sales, raffles and sales of Code Pink merchandise.

Code Pink's members – mostly women – plot strategy nightly, jotting down the next day's congressional hearings on a dry-erase board near the front door. Most stay at the house for a few weeks before returning home.
This is more than a letter writing campaign.

As "house mama," Ms. Fairooz shops and cooks for the other residents. "I think my husband would keel over if he knew how much cooking I'm doing down here, because I don't cook," she said.

What would NOW have to say?

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