Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Olmert's new outline

1. "We won't hold negotiations on our existence as a Jewish state, this is a launching point for all negotiations," Olmert said.

2. The first stage of the road map calls on the Palestinians to dismantle terror groups. The sides had agreed recently that talks would proceed according to the document. In recent weeks, politicians from the right, especially MK Yisrael Katz (Likud), have taken to accusing the government of holding negotiations outside of road map dictates.

Olmert essentially confirmed those accusations. "There is a new outline," he said. "The traditional position has been that there will be no road map implementation without the first phase. I came to the conclusion that we are somewhat able to change the tradition."
Another new line in the sand. And just like the last one (the PA was to remove terrorists and terrorism from their midsts) was redrawn so too can this one be redrawn.

The only good about this is that it gets down to the basic issue issue - the existential existence of a Jewish country in the middle east. It the heart, brain and soul of the Arab-Israeli conflict. All the LFP ideas (land for peace) blew the ship off course. So far the PFP policy has led to continuing death and destruction via terrorism. It's more aptly named LFT - Land For Terrorism. The issue is much deeper than a game of Monopoly.

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