Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Iz Shver Tzu'zayn a Terrorist

The Washinton Times
BRIEFING: For militants, Gaza violence a way of life
By Paul Martin
Next stop was a back-street gathering with other members of the group, as children milled around, admiring their heroes. Inside a safe house, Mohammed, a 23-year-old computer specialist, was using Google Earth to locate the target on the Israeli side of the fence. In good English — he went to college — Mohammed complained that these days, the maps are deliberately made inaccurate to foil rocketeering precision.
Lighting a long, white fuse, they prepared to beat a hasty retreat.
But their three rocket missiles failed to fire.
"It's the detonators," explained Haroon disconsolately. "We are really short of decent equipment these days."
Speaking in the voice of the terrorist: It ain't easy being a terrorist these days. The revolution has let us down. You really have to work hard these days to kill innocent men, women and children. Let's face it between Google Earth and those lousy detonators, the job is sooo difficult. In fact, I bet it's those Jews fault that we have to work so hard to kill them.

Hey Mohammed and Haroon here's a tip. You're right the job of killing innocent men women and children is too difficult. Just give up your job.

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