Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Loose-loose for Israel

Israeli police ban Palestinian event
By DIAA HADID, Associated Press Writer 45 minutes ago
JERUSALEM - Israeli police on Tuesday broke up a Palestinian event meant to promote Jerusalem as the world's next "Arab Cultural Capital."
The Palestinians want next year's celebrations to strengthen their claim to the disputed city. But Tuesday's crackdown sent a strong signal that Israel will not go along with the decision by the 22-member Arab League to bestow its cultural prize on Jerusalem.
"We want to exploit this for Jerusalem," said Ahmad al-Ruweidi, head of the Jerusalem unit in the office of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.
Two years ago, the Arab League quietly designated Jerusalem its 2009 "Arab Cultural Capital," an honor that rotates among Arab countries. Winners typically use the occasion to showcase their attachment to Arab culture, sponsoring poetry, music, dance performances, lectures, school activities and sporting events.
This was just a loose-loose situation for Israel. If Israel allowed it to on, the Arabs would have lavished unpresecidented amounts of money and publicity (propoganda). Now that Israel barred the propoganda event, they'll just lavish tons of money, tout themselves as victims of the merciless Israelis, make this a resaon why they should have Jerusalem as their capital and still pour out tons of propoganda.

The key word is truely "exploit".

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